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The OIG alleged that Mercy paid remuneration to a physician owned real estate company in the form of not collecting net profits from the real estate company due under an agreement between Mercy and the real estate company. Further, this agreement established Mercy's right to forty percent of the net profits the real estate company and Mercy obtained as joint owners of a property.

The OIG alleged that St. Vincent's paid remuneration to a sports medicine practice in the form of payment for Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Specifically, the OIG alleged that St. Vincent's arranged to purchase DME prescribed by the sports medicine practice physician for their patients' inpatient stay directly from the sports medicine practice.

Molina Healthcare of Florida, Inc. (Molina), Florida, agreed to pay $257,111 for allegedly violating the Monetary Penalties Law provisions applicable to physician self-referrals and kickbacks. The OIG alleged that Molina offered to increase the capitation rates paid to four physicians in exchange for the referral of their patients to Molina and did increase the capitation rates of two of the four physicians.

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